The search for new equipment

Maybe a bit strange to title the first post on my blog "In search of new equipment" - that is how it is.

Since I got into the DSLR photography, I take pictures with Pentax, first K20, then K5 and currently K3, in between with the K01 and since this spring with Sony Alpha 6500. For both Pentax bodies the focal lengths 8-500mm are available, since both K3 and K01 have the same bayonet and also share the same batteries, plus points  for these two. However, the K01 is a bit unwieldy and has no viewfinder, the K3 often too big and heavy on longer tours. Therefore, the decision to leave the K01 on the shelf and go with the Sony Alpha as an another secondary system. Whether I regret this decision? Here I can not make a clear statement, I have not yet photographed enough with her. It can also be said that I have not really gotten warm with her yet. Currently, I own only a wide angle 10-18mm for the Sony, the zoom 18-200mm had to go, with the wide angle I am very happy, with the zoom, I was less.

During my last trip, I had the opportunity to photograph together with a photographer and exchange thoughts and experiences, gain new impressions and get a different perspective on things.

This allowed me to conclude, that I lack some low light lenses in order to implement photographic ideas. Here's where my dilemma begins, I was always happy to photograph with a system not everyone else did and to stay out of the Nikon / Canon War. My setup is not bad, Pentax has its right to exist, otherwise I would already have completely changed to another system. Now, I would like to upgrade to full frame to have among other points the plus of better low light lenses and better possibilities in the field of low light.

Only which brand or model should it be?

With Pentax there is not much choice, there remains only K1, my advantages would be, I know the system, could continue to use my existing lenses, since K1 can be switched to APS-C. Yes, I lose the profit of the full-format sensor, would be more flexible and I would currently only need to buy the body. Disadvantage, the lens park for the full format Pentax and third party is very limited, my 8mm for the crop sensor, I can not even replace it compared to  full-frame sensor related lens. This would be an advantage for competitors and at the same time a disadvantage, if I go for in for  a complete change, because further needed accessories  have to be purchased new.

My preference in photography is in the field of landscapes and architecture, could be covered by Pentax - so why bother with the question which would be the right new equipment for me now?

Quite simply, full format is more expensive, counts for body and lenses, so  the right decision needs to  be made.

Unfortunately, a positive - negative list does not help me any further - that 's why I am searching.

Lets start the discussion.

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