I might have a problem here

It almost seems like, collecting handbags, a typical women's thing, also spreads onto photo bags and backpacks. Although, the number of my handbags is more manageable then bags and backpacks for my photo equipment over the years.

Nevertheless, it never seems to be the right one among them.


At the beginning of my digital entry into photography, I only had a  pocketcam and you guessed right, it did fit into my pocket, no further bag needed, even the necessary accessories was very little. Next came a point-and-shoot, bag or backpack still manageable, as still not much equipment needed, a tripod found in the very form of Joby Gorilapod did still fit in any bag of choice and maybe only a wide-angle attachment was one more piece of equipment to be packed.

Quite different as suddenly the DSLR with different lenses was introduced into my photography world and needed to be packed.

Suddenly the bags did get bigger, backpack hmm I do not know, as on the go it is not easy to reach quick enough an interchangeable lens. Sling bags, could be the solution, but as a woman - I find them quite uncomfortable.


At this point, I better do not count thru how many bags I went, with backpacks, the number is way smaller. Nevertheless, there is never the right one among them.


When I am on tour around my home town, usually  a shoulder bag is enough, because not much stuff on the go is needed and even tablet can be left at home. As soon as the tripod has to come along, better do not ask.

I have no possibility to attach it to my given bags.


When traveling, the equipment moves to a backpack with access from the back for transport, from this point of view top, even the tablet has a designated spot. Laptop has remained at home to date, will probably change for the future. The tripod travels in a suitcase until I reach destination and might need it. The shoulder bag is converted into a handbag and changes back into its original purpose later on.

Arrived at the destination, the DSLR hangs around the neck all day and the bag goes over the shoulder - not a real pleasant condition for a day long tour. However, one grab into the bag and the searched lens is there.

The backpack has also turned out to be impractical, as long as I do not have to change lenses, everything is OK, but during my last holiday I went on a two day photo tour where a tripod during the day was needed.

It was annoying to transport it as there was no attachment for the tripod on my backpack. The emergency solution was impractical and just a fuss to handle in-between. So the next day I switched back to my bag and stuffed the tripod into an other bag I could carry as a backpack. This solution was also a pain in the back, so I left the tripod in the car. Was that a good idea - no as in-between I wished I had it with me.


Now, for days, I have been sitting in front of the wide world of the internet searching for the optimal backpack.


Side access to interchangeable lenses à la Slingtasche

Access to equipment otherwise via back side

Tripod must be attachable 

Space for other things as well, with extra compartments

Space for a laptop - maybe

Oh yes, very important, he should also look stylish, after all, I am a woman


Did I find something?

No, either the tripod cannot be attached, no access from the side, if from the side access, I do not like the execution. Then too expensive or not available in Germany or needed accessories must be purchased extra. Or or or ....

Currently I have a backpack onto which I can attach a tripod, have access from the side and all the other rest has plenty of room too. Still this backpack is not practical for me, as he opens completely from the side. I like it more, when both compartments are kind of separate as it is on my current travel backpack. As mentioned not possibilities to attach the tripod, no access from the side and a laptop does not fit either.


To find the right one, will be the needle in a hay stack - I might have found one, but I am so done with buying a cat in a bag. As photo stores do not carry all brands or models and to purchase online as taught me better over the last years and month - even so it seems, I am not a good students when it comes to that.


Who has a suggestion?

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